This schedule valid for the whole semester or until you edit your schedule

- This booking system can be accessed for student which are currently registered with hostel system.
For non-resident, please proceed to HEP Admin Office for further action.
- Attention to all residents, ebus are open for booking. The booking was for your tenancy during the semester break and for foundation student which are having a class starting Monday 12th May 2014. Students can make your bus booking starting today and eBus will be closed on 14th June 2014.
Student ID :

Password :

*Default password is ic number

If you have difficulties to acces or login to this system, please call CICT Helpdesk: 03-32806000
Online Transportation Booking System (eBus) is the platform for student to book the bus travel from hostel to unisel and vise versa. To perform the booking click on BUS BOOKING button and choose the suitable travel time and date available.
The student may print out the booking travel itinerary for reference.
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